If I Had a Shopping Spree at…

If I Had a Shopping Spree at...


In this series we pick one store each month and report our top 5 picks.


I just have to say that picking only 5 items from Anthropologie was just about the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. With that said:

1. Allegra Boatneck Dress

This dress is so dainty and classic. From the delicate pattern to the high neckline,I can almost see it on Audrey Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon when she’s paying her afternoon visit to Gary Cooper in his hotel room. Its simplicity makes it such a fun dress to style. And check out that gorgeous back!

2. AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle

I’m always looking for a good pair of colored ankle pants, and these just scream 1950s housewife with their polka dot print. Betty Draper anyone? Throw in some coral and I’m SOLD.

3.Pitched Whiskey Mary-Janes

At 5’7″ I don’t much like wearing heels, but I love the low heel on these. They’re not sky-high but they still manage to look elegant and stylish rather than dowdy. Do I read too much into the heel of a shoe? Yeah, probably. The neutral colors would look fantastic with just about anything.

4. Pointer Necklace

Statement necklaces are so in right now, but sometimes they can look downright bonkers. This piece achieves boldness but class all at once. I adore the thick chain paired with the pale pink pendants. The entire thing has a great shape and can bump any outfit up another notch.

5. Welkin Wrap Watch

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a wrap watch for the longest time now (puns not intended). There are so many great ones out there but I just fell in love with the colors and style of this one. The light blue band paired with the braided leather and gold chain has an almost bohemian look to it, but the face of the watch is all business. Watches are a staple in everyday wear, and this one is no exception.

Why aren’t you all in my closet??



Like Audrey stated, this was a close to impossible task. But hey, I’m not complaining. 

1. Lace & Lines Pullover

Okay so I saw this shirt at an Anthro store and fell in love. It was lying there folded up sweetly next to the entrance offering a warm welcoming ( yah yah I know, it’s only a shirt but I can get carried away sometimes). I’ve always loved simple horizontal stripped tees and I’ve recently been obsessed with lace,so this shirt was a perfect merger for me. Not only can this be an everyday shirt worn with jeans (like the picture displays) but one can definitely dress it up with jewelry and wear it on a night out.

 2. Plucked Petals Mary-Janes

One reason why I love Anthro so much is because of the details in their products, and it’s evident in these Mary-Janes. The genius of this shoe is that it looks modern yet vintage at the same time. Though I’m only 5’3, I also don’t like a super high heel mainly because of the comfort issue. The heel in this is perfect! Not too high, not too low. 

3. Bayeux Necklace

I just have one word for this necklace. BRILLIANT. Too bad it’s way out of my budget :/

 4. Printed Column Maxi Skirt 

I’ve never really been into maxi skirts, but this one is very lovely. Since it’s a maxi skirt, I feel like it makes it a multi-seasonal item. Definitely want to find a piece like this for my closet.

5. Melora Dress

How adorable is this dress? While I was narrowing down my favorites, this dress was on the “maybe” list until I saw the lace back. So beautiful! This dress will definitely make one feel super girly without all the pink and flowers. Again, check out the details on this dress.

Mutual Fave:

Sherwood Ring

When we compared our favorites, this ring appeared on both of our lists. And for good reason. I mean look at it! So cute and unique yet simple enough to be worn to death.


Anthropologie is such a spectacular store. It’s definitely a bit of a splurge, but a girl can fantasize can’t she?

P.S. Click on any of the pictures to take you back to the Anthro site, in case you want to make a purchase or get more details :)


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