The Caffeine Chronicles: Intelligentsia (Silver Lake)

The Caffeine Chronicles

Intelligentsia Coffee Shops seems like they’re a part of the L.A. experience. You can say they’ve become a landmark because they are known for having one of the best cups of coffee in L.A. So it was only natural that the Silver Lake location of Intelligentsia be one of the first coffee shops we visit on our little journey. As  fellow Los Angeleans (yes that’s what you call a resident of L.A), we can vouch that visiting a coffee shop isn’t just about a good cup of coffee, latte, or cappuccino but it’s about the vibe of the shop as well as the people who go there.

 Most of the seating in this location is outside. Love the architecture of this shop.


The inside is not too big, the only seating is at the bar. Open area where you can see the barista crafting your drink. And can I just say the men who work at Intelligentsia are one of the best dressed men I have ever seen :)



Lovely Lattes we ordered. One of the best we’ve had.

Would we go back? DEFINITELY! Keep an eye out for our visit to the Pasadena location.


2 thoughts on “The Caffeine Chronicles: Intelligentsia (Silver Lake)

  1. When I went to LA last month, Intelligentsia was my first stop as far as coffee shops. And I must say it was probably one of the best espressos I had – ever. It was pretty sweet and I would definitely go back. Thank you for the feature.

  2. If you’re ever back in LA, visit the Pasadena location of Intelligentsia. It’s become one of our favorite hangout spots :) I’m glad you liked our post there will be more Caffeine Chronicles on the way!

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