The Caffeine Chronicles: Joan’s on Third

The Caffeine Chronicles

Audrey and I had never tried macaroons before, so we were on a mission to try the best ones we could find in L.A. After some research, Audrey found this charming place called Joan’s on Third. We drove about 30 minutes to get to Joan’s and right when we entered the doors, we knew it was well worth it! To the right of the store was a little bakery/ coffee bar and to the left was a café where you could eat your lunch or dinner.  We got our coffee and choice of macaroon and took a seat outside. We found out a fews days later that actor Jake Gyllenhaal sat in the same seat as we did! Joan’s was very lovely and we’re definitely going to go back but this time for lunch.

Latte and Macaroon. One of the best lattes I’ve had!

Pistachio, Raspberry, and Violet Macaroons. Taste as good as they look :)


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