The Caffeine Chronicles: Novel Cafe

The Caffeine Chronicles

Los Angeles, home to the most amazing coffee shops in the country. Okay so no one really calls it that, but they should. Each time we visit a new shop, I am blown away by how each one is even better than the last! Another one of my favorites that we visited was Novel Cafe.

Photo via Yelp

The name itself is what first caught my attention. It sounded like a cozy, nice coffee shop, and that it was. As usual, I’m going to gush about the atmosphere more than the actual coffee…

Photo via Yelp

I loved the outside because it was tucked between other buildings, kind of New York style. Inside, there was the register area complete with chalkboard menus (which you know I love). There was seating on the ground floor as well as a raised “second floor” (not entirely its own floor, but it overlooks the shop). Up there, there were brick walls (again, love) and unique artwork. When I visited Novel again, the artwork was different, so I believe they hang the work of local artists and actually sell the pieces, which is quite cool. The workers were quirky (in that L.A, not your usual barista but totally rad, youthful kinda way) and super friendly. It was the type of place that I would love to be a regular at.

We ordered iced coffee (because it was a scorcher outside), and it was actually very tasty. Usually all iced coffee tastes similar to me, but I enjoyed Novel’s quite a bit.

The food looked and smelled INCREDIBLE! Cannot wait to go back and have a taste.

This coffee shop is right near the heart of Downtown, but is still tucked away enough for some serenity (and to maintain its “hipster” standing). Overall, I really enjoyed my visit there and have (and will continue to) come back.


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