OOTD Monday: Lace tops

OOTD Mondays


Is it Autumn yet?? Technically, yes. But in California the weather disagrees. Womp womp :( So this is yet another “transitional” outfit…

P.S. I know these pictures suck, but it was the best I could do in the dorm. So sorry! They will [hopefully] get better soon.

Wow this angle makes my legs look minuscule…

Jeans: Bongo

Sandals: Forever 21

Pardon the lopsided bow, but I wanted to show the gorgeous detail on this top. I love the lace stitching down the front, as well as the cinched waist.

Top: Forever 21

I thought this gold cuff went well with the basic cream color of this top, and it has an almost “lacy” quality to it (well I think so anyways), so it compliments the lace detailing on the top.

Cuff: Forever 21

Backpack: ESPRIT

Ahh the Pièce de résistance. The backpack. I LOVE this thing! It was my mom’s, and I’m so glad she held on to it because leather backpacks are definitely back in style. (Note to self: keep all your outdated fashion trends for your kid because they will make a comeback). I love that it’s still really practical for school use, but it’s not just your regular old Jansport. This particular one has so many compartments, which is great. And since it’s black it will go with everything I own which works out perfectly since I plan to wear it with everything I own :)

Ignore the oh-so-lovely band aid. I’m a bit accident prone…

I just love the slouchy-ness of it. It’s such a throwback to the ’90s. I think it totally pulled this outfit together (even though I was just using it going from class to class). I’m so tempted to use it as a purse, even on the weekends.

Screw it. I’m doing it


My OOTD posts have been kind of dressy lately. Here’s another outfit that I built based on one piece: the skirt. I really like the pattern of this skirt. Even though it’s fall, like Audrey said, it definitely doesn’t feel like it in Southern Cali  so I could still wear this skirt. I paired it with a peasant blouse and I was able to pull off not tucking it in because it’s a crop top.

Top : Urban Outfitters

Skirt : Forever 21

Shoes: Target

This skirt has pockets! Haha I don’t know why but I love it when skirts and dresses have pockets.

 Necklace: ForLove 21

Great delicate pattern on the blouse.

Earrings: American Eagle 

I know lately my OOTD posts have been dressier but I’ll make sure that next week’s will be a more casual one.


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