The Caffeine Chronicles: Recess

The Caffeine Chronicles

Photo via Yelp

The day has come. A negative review of a coffee shop! :O Hey it had to happen eventually…

Now I’m not particularly picky about my coffee. It takes a lot for me to write off a cup of coffee as bad. But it happened here at Recess. To be fair, this isn’t a coffee shop it’s a restaurant. But at worst, restaurants (especially ones that serve breakfast) should have decent coffee. I couldn’t even call this coffee decent. I got a latte and it was lukewarm, weak, and all around not good-tasting. The espresso was even worse. The atmosphere didn’t even do it for me this time (you know how forgiving I can be about quality if I love the place). Plus it was expensive (and obviously not worth the price)

We went there to write down our Summer 2012 list of plans/goals. Take note of the number of sugar packets I used in a desperate attempt to make this latte taste like anything more than tepid swill.

Sorry for all the negativity! Here’s a picture of a puppy napping with his teddy bear.

All is well with the world.


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