If I Had a Shopping Spree at: Urban Outfitters

If I Had a Shopping Spree at...


Oh Urban. Most of your stuff is just so gloriously on-trend and lovely (although some of your stuff is just downright cray cray). Since it is so hard to narrow down everything I love from this place to five items, I try to pick one fave each from a range of categories (tops, shoes, accessories, etc). Because believe me, I could pick my top 5 in each category. Heck, I could do my top 50 from each category So here goes…

1) Reverse Spiked Leopard Cardigan

When I first saw this I immediately knew it would be in my top 5. It is PERFECTION! It’s everything I could possibly want in a cardigan right now. Leopard print? Check! Spikes? Check! I love it. I need it.

2) Angie Wide-Leg Damask Print Pant

These are definitely out there, but I’d like to think that I could rock ’em. They seem supremely comfortable, and I love the damask print and the fact that they’re not just your usual blue jeans. The wide leg combined with the print definitely gives off a ’70s vibe. This would look awesome with a crop top or even a slouchy sweater like on the model. They’re a great stand out piece in any outfit.

3) Ecote Pattern-Block Tote Bag

Lord knows I don’t need any more bags, but this one was just too cute to pass up. For accessories I had it narrowed down to this bag and this necklace. I could always do with another statement necklace, especially one that is geometric! But ultimately I went with this bag because it is the perfect every day bag. I love brown leather/pleather bags, and the tribal details on this one really make it something special. I would use the heck outta this bag.

4) BDG Studded Denim Button-Down Shirt

Ooh you had me at studded. And denim totally sweetened the deal! Seriously, I die for denim tops like this one. And as you can see, I’m obsessing with studding lately (isn’t everyone really?). This, like the leopard cardigan, is a fusion of some of my favorite trends, so I’m head-over-heels. Big button-down denim tops like this one are so easy to layer, or you can throw on a statement necklace, or if the shirt is long enough you could wear them with a pair of leggings, some slouchy boots, and an infinity scarf. Stop it. So perfect

5) Cooperative Sloane Cow Hair Loafer

More leopard? You betcha. Look at these babies! I am definitely in the market for a pair of loafers, and while I’d like to have a plain pair for everyday wear, I want a printed pair as well. Even though the print is sorta wild, these could still go with a whole bunch of things. As long as the rest of the outfit is pretty toned down, these could be the pop every outfit needs. But I would not recommend pairing these with say, the leopard cardigan. Mixing/doubling up on animal prints is tricky business people. Gosh, imagine these with the denim top. You’re killing me Urban!

So I think our take away today is that I ♥ leopard, studs, and denim


Hello my name is Ella and I have an Urban Outfitters obsession. Urban is my weakness. I can’t help but get something every time I’m in there. Hey, I already admitted I have a problem. Here is my very thought out wish list…

1)Truly Madly Deeply Back Cage Muscle Tee

From the front this looks like a plain gray top but once you turn around BAM it’s all kinds of awesome.  I was never into the skeleton trend (to be honest I always thought it was tacky) but I think this is the coolest top ever!

2) Sparkle & Fade Long-Sleeved Peplum Top

I love the Sparkle & Fade brand. I have a couple stuff from them and they fit great. If you guys haven’t noticed I have a thing for stripes. I don’t know why but I’ve always been drawn to them. I fell in love with this top! The contrast between the navy and grey stripes, cutouts at the waist, peplum along the hem, and the zipper on the back. So lovely!

3) Staring at Stars Tiered Crochet Mini Skirt

Now for something a little more feminine. How gorgeous is this skirt?!? I’ve noticed the scalloped trend recently and I’m loving it. I think this classic piece is one you can wear all year long because of its neutral color. The color also allows you to match it with almost any top. But what really perfects this skirt is the crochet/lace material. I can so see this with a denim top (like the one Audrey picked). Uhh it’s so pretty….I want.

4)DV By Dolce Vita Marce Suede Ankle Boot

Nude boots are a signature basic piece that I think everyone needs in their closet whether they are ankle or knee high. Yes Dolce Vita boots are a splurge but they are so gorgeous and will last you for ages. I can so picture wearing these boots with some dark jeans or even with some tights and a dress. And the 1″ heel is perfect.

5) UO Soho Studded Bracelet

Last but definitely not least is this amazing studded bracelet. Like Audrey I have a little thing for studs. Every time I go into Urban I try this bracelet on and mull over it but never end up buying it. I don’t know maybe one of these days I’ll just cave in and buy it because it’s just so pretty. Also it’s a great piece to pull a whole outfit together.


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