Caffeine Chronicles: Swork Coffee

The Caffeine Chronicles

I don’t want to start off on a negative note but we almost forgot about this one. I guess it just didn’t stand out compared to the other shops we’ve been to. Don’t get me wrong it was still a cool environment and the vanilla latte was one of the best I’ve had, but I wouldn’t rate this as one of our favorites.

I like their philosophy : Coffee. People. Love. Thought it was short , sweet, and simple.

Definitely can’t miss it. Corner of the street with those red umbrellas grabbing your attention

Coffee Bar :)

You know I’m a sucker for brick walls and I really enjoyed the photography  embellishment. Swork is near Occidental college so I noticed a lot of students busy studying/getting work done. At the same time it’s a kid friendly space because toward the end of the shop there was a really cute area with a play table. That’s something I hadn’t seen before. Keepin’ it fresh and versatile now aren’t we Swork?

My favorite part of the place were these random cut outs hanging across from the coffee bar. Really gives the place personality. Who knew the bust of a 50s woman  and a very happy astronaut would work so well with a ginormous bug and ice cream cone? Preetay cool.



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