The Caffeine Chronicles: Loft Cafe

The Caffeine Chronicles

We didn’t actually have any caffeine on this particular leg of our Caffeine Chronicles, but this place was way too adorable to pass up….
We went out for some Korean BBQ (if you’ve never tried it before…YOU MUST!). So delish. Then we went for karaoke, but the place was closed :( So plan B? Shaved Ice

Everyone always raves about the shaved ice in K-town so we figured why not? We stumbled upon the cutest place ever! It’s a coffee shop, but they also serve shaved ice, so it was good enough for us.

I LOVE this place! It reminded me of a 1920’s hotel what with it’s thick curtains, period furniture, black and white tiled floors, and of course the piano in the lobby area. There was Melody Gardot playing over the speakers, and these really cool huge mirrors hanging on the walls. I really felt transported to another time when I stepped in here.

Can you spot the piano? :)

You have two floors of seating to choose from. I especially loved the lights strung all around, and the rafters.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Pardon the HORRENDOUS quality of this pic! Just wanted to show you guys what our shaved ice looked like. It was definitely big enough for three and included shaved ice (duh), ice cream, fruit, mochi, and fruity pebbles.

Overall it was a lovely place, and a very surprising find. It’s so unlike everything around it. Definitely check it out if you’re in Korea Town! :)



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