OOTD Monday: We’re Back!

OOTD Mondays


We finally had a wonderful, cold, rainy day here! But not to worry, California was kind enough to follow it up with another heat wave…but it was nice while it lasted! It gave me an opportunity to shoot this Autumn OOTD :)

This gorgeous setting was the perfect spot to shoot this. It really captured the fall atmosphere of that day!

I call this my Bill Cosby sweater. It’s big. It’s tacky. It’s perfect. It keeps me super warm and I love the big knit and bright colors. It was love at first sight.

Sweater: Forever 21

Jeans: PacSun

Boots: Ross


Just as I promised, here is a more casual outfit for this OOTD. I shot this right after I came home from school one day.

I love this crop top t-shirt. I think the graphic on it is just so cool. I’ve also been wearing this denim button up a lot lately. It’s super versatile and comfy.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Denim Button Up: H&M

Jeans: Gift (the label says Bajee by Be Cool)

Bracelet: H&M

I’m obsessed with these boots. I’ve been wearing them three years straight. They are kinda falling apart but I just can’t seem to retire them.

Shoes: Forever 21

Since this is a school outfit, I thought I would include my backpack. One of the main reasons I was excited to start school was to use this backpack haha.

Backpack : Urban Outfitters


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