OOTD Monday + Caffeine Chronicles

OOTD Mondays, The Caffeine Chronicles

We were recently reunited because of spring break, so of course we headed to LA together to add another coffee shop to our caffeine chronicles (and to shoot an OOTD for y’all!)

We visited a coffee shop called 10 Forward Coffee & Tea Lounge. It was right in the heart of Hollywood near the Walk of Fame. And Amoeba records wasn’t too far so naturally we had to stop by (because that is one of our favorite spots in LA).


Love the upstairs seating area


Downstairs seating area (hey there Ella!)


Overall, the drinks were mediocre and the service was not great. But the place itself was really pleasant and its location couldn’t be better if you’re planning to spend the day in the Hollywood area and hit up a few spots.

Next we moved on to our beloved Amoeba.


Audrey’s pick: Elect the Dead – Serj Tankian

Elect the Dead

Ella’s pick: It’s Never Been Like That – Phoenix

It's Never Been Like That

Click to preview the albums on iTunes


Audrey 1

P.S. How awesome is this mural outside of Amoeba??

Audrey 2

Skirt: Thrifted (featured in our Thrifting Haul)

Sandals: Forever 21

Audrey 3

Top: Ann Taylor Loft


And I’ve added a new member to the tattoo family! :)


me in LA

photo 3

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Forever 21


Top: Cotton On

Necklace: Forever 21


We had a wonderful time together (as we always do) and we can’t wait until Summer to put out even more posts like this.

Have a lovely Monday!


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