April Favorites

Monthly Favorites



Silver Linings – Kacey Musgraves

Going to a Town – Rufus Wainright

I am beyond obsessed with this song! I’ve always loved Rufus’ Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk and decided to check out more of his stuff and I was not disappointed. This song really gets to me. He is such a tortured soul, and it is just a beautiful song. Plus the music video is pretty spectacular as well. Two thumbs way up.

Complications -Alex Gardner

He has a Youtube channel but unfortunately he doesn’t have very many songs. This guy’s voice is amazing and this song is perfect for his vocals.

Elect the Dead – Serj Tankian

As you saw in our last OOTD post, we payed a little visit to Amoeba Records and I picked up this album. If you like System of a Down, definitely check out Serj’s solo album. Some of my faves from the album are Lie Lie Lie, Feed Us, Baby, and Saving Us.



photo links to their channel

I LOVE this couple! She’s a hairstylist and he’s a photographer and they live a positively fabulous LA life (in the most amazing loft ever) and vlog it every day. I watch their videos every morning while I have my breakfast. If you’re not into the whole follow-me-around type of vlog I’d skip this one. But as a true LA girl at heart, I love to see them just spend their days in the city of angels.

Dan & Phil

Dan & Phil
The reason I don’t have very many Youtubers this month is because I’ve literally spent all of my Youtube time on Dan & Phil. They never fail to have me in fits of laughter; they totally have my sense of humor. Ella introduced me to danisnotonfire a while back but I’d only watched a couple of his videos. This month I got hooked on Dan & Phil’s collab called The Super Amazing Project and watched every single episode (lawl who needs to study, right?). I then moved on to watch every single one of AmazingPhil‘s videos followed by a danisnotonfire marathon. And basically everything else they’ve ever made. I’m currently making my way through their second channels. Why the sudden obsession? I’m really not sure. Guess I have a weak spot for socially awkward British boys.


Maybelline the Rocket Volum’ Express mascara

I’d heard about this mascara for ages so when it came time to purchase a new mascara I decided to give this a try. So far I love it. It really volumizes my lashes and makes em stand out.

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Note: It was difficult to find a picture online that reflected the true color of the product. I would recommend looking up swatches.

Another product that I had heard tons about were the Revlon Lip Butters. My first instinct was to grab a red or coral color, but heaven knows I have far too many lip products in that color family. So I decided to branch out a little bit and go for a your-lip-but-better color (although I wasn’t branching too far. If my lip products aren’t red they’re in the mauve family. Go figure). This color is absolutely gorgeous. It gives you just enough color while still looking natural. And this product has a really nice feel; not sticky but not too oily either.

SexyHair Soy Renewal – Moroccan Argan Oil

I got a sample of this in my Glambag this month and I’m loving it. I’ve been wanting to try a Moroccan hair oil. I use a little bit of this when my hair is damp and it leaves it looking glossy and smelling amazing. I’m hoping that with continued use I’ll see a lasting difference in the health of my hair (split-ends be gone!)

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

I definitely struggle with dark circles under my eyes, so I’m always looking for a good undereye concealer. This one has really good coverage and the sponge tip applicator makes it really easy to blend the product.

Vaseline Lip Therapy

I use this lip treatment at night and it really does the job. My lips haven’t been cracked or chapped all winter. I use my regular chapstick throughout the day, but this would also work as an every day lip balm. It actually leaves a very nice sheen on your lips.I’m guilty of using this as a “gloss” on days when I can’t be arsed to use a lip product.

Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream

This stuff is amazing for zapping breakouts really quickly. I had been having some inexplicable breakouts lately and I knew that my regular skincare routine wasn’t going to cut it. This spot treatment helped get my skin back on track.

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.40.45 PMHere’s yet another product that everyone and their mom has tried (quite literally). I finally got around to trying it, and I can see where all the hype comes from…sort of. It really is a lovely color. This picture makes it appear more green that it actually is. It’s more of a very light teal color with more blue in it. I really liked the color, but it had been played up a bit too much. Essie nail polish never really blows me away (for the price that it is). 3.5/5 stars.



I’ve been listening to two albums this month (on repeat)

Jake Bugg – Jake Bugg


Audrey first introduced me to this 19 year old brilliant British musician. The first song I listen to was Slide and it was love at first note. His voice is pure magic and his flock-rock sound has an unbelievable amount of soul. Here are a few of my favorites from his debut album.

1) Someone Told Me

2) Two Fingers

3) Broken

The Black Keys – El Camino


I’ve been listening to a couple of Black Keys songs here and there and really loved their sound. So I decided to tackle their music starting with the most recent album. The verdict? Two thumbs up. Here are a couple of my favorites.

1) Dead and Gone

2) Little Black Submarine


Wong Fu Production


I’ve been seeing these guys around YouTube a lot and finally checked out their channel. Let me tell you what, I’m SO glad I did. They are amazing storytellers with amazing production value. Their videos range from short comedies, dramatic romance stories, and even a of couple series. I really recommend their channel!


Maybelline The Falsies and The Rocket


As you can see, Audrey and I are both loving the Maybelline mascaras. I tried the Falsies first and loved it so decided to get the Rocket next. Both are great. For me, the Falsies had a lengthening affect and the Rocket gave more volume.

NYX Concealer Stick


I’m kind of a concealer junky so I’m always trying out new ones. This definitely is in my top five. I am in love with this concealer. It comes in a range of colors, it’s easy to apply, and stays on for a long time. Best of all it’s a bargain at only $4.99.


Peets’ Coffee and Tea Berry Pomegranate Tea Cooler


OH. MY. GOSH. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this drink. I’m not a big fan of iced teas but I crave this on a weekly basis. Peets describes this drink as “a delicious concoction of Summer House iced tea, luscious wild berry, pomegranate limeade and tart lemonade.” Whatever it is, it’s heavenly.


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