June Favorites

Monthly Favorites

Can you believe the year is officially half way done? We can’t! To celebrate surviving 180 days of 2013, here are our favorites for the month of June. Enjoy!



How to be a Heartbreaker -Marina and the Diamonds

This song is super fun and upbeat and I just love the swell of the chorus.

Nightingale – Demi Lovato

Can you say passion?? This is such a heart-wrenching song. The melody, the words, her stellar vocals. All of it just…ugh ♥

Walk the Moon

I recently discovered this group and I love their energy-packed songs and overall sound. Perfect group to jam out to this summer. A couple of my faves are Tightrope and Anna Sun.

Change Your Mind – The Killers

The Killers had sort of fallen off my radar for a while, but I heard this song and fell in love! I think it’s time to rummage through their discography…

Natalie – Bruno Mars

I don’t know why I’m so late to the party this month, but here’s another ‘oldie-but-goodie’. During this past month I heard this song in a friend’s car and I was like woah…what is this. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. As per usual Bruno fashion, it’s so raw and unlike anything else out there.

Disney Songs

This is sort of an unusual favorite, but I recently rediscovered my love for Disney tunes. Don’t get me wrong, I never stopped loving these gems, but I realized that I hadn’t listened to any in ages because none of them were on my iTunes playlist! I was quick to ameliorate that and downloaded some of my favorites from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules and more. Maybe this fave can serve as a reminder to you of how amazing these songs truly are. Go listen to your favorite Disney soundtrack or better yet, watch the film! :)


NYX Rouge Cream Blush in CB02 Natural

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at cream blushes for some time now (because I’m obsessed with blushers). I went for this NYX one and I’m really pleased with it. Obviously I have no frame of reference when it comes to cream blushes, but the formula of this one was easy to blend and not too heavy. Plus this color in particular is gorgeous. It’s a natural-looking peachy color (hence the name) and I think it would compliment a wide variety of skin tones.

Nu-Pore Makeup Remover Wipes

I feel sorta bad for including these because I don’t know if you can find them everywhere. They’re such a random brand! I found them at my school’s market and I didn’t expect much but these totally surprised me. They blew every other makeup remover wipe that I’ve ever used right out of the water. I like them so much because they don’t irritate my skin (which is usually a huge issue for me). Plus the wipes stay so [I hate to say it but] moist, so they take my makeup off like a dream. And they smell like magic.

Note: They can be purchased on Amazon if you can’t find them in stores.


Photos link to their channels

Ella Grace

Quirky, awkward girl who offers advice and makes other misc. videos. She’s adorable and her videos are always entertaining. Plus she’s the rumored girlfriend of fellow Youtuber Jack Harries (just FYI).

Landon Austin

I’ve always seen Landon around. He’s collabed with the likes of Luke Conard and others. I realized this month that I wasn’t actually subscribed to him for some reason. So I subbed to his music channel because he honestly has a FANTASTIC voice. Then I checked out his vlog channel and the more I watched him the more I realized how adorable and charming he is. Color me obsessed.


Yet another one of those Tubers that I’d always heard about and finally checked out. So glad I did. The night I checked out his channel I spent hours going through his videos and I was in tears from laughter. His videos might not be for everyone, but they definitely align with my sense of humor. My favorite videos are his “literal” trailers where he narrates in [epic] song form exactly what is happening in movie or video game trailers. And his dog is just about the cutest thing ever.


Iced Tea

My beverage of choice this month (and for the foreseeable remainder of the summer) is unsweetened iced tea. I’ve had it at least twice a week every week. It’s been my go-to drink any time I visit a coffee shop, but it’s also super easy to make at home. It’s a refreshing, guilt-free drink.


The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathan Evison
revised fundamentals

I don’t usually like to give book recommendations, but I thought this was a pretty universal book that would appeal to a lot of different literary tastes. It’s a road novel that includes a forty-something man who has lost everything and a nineteen year old boy with MD who travel cross-country together. If you’re in the market for a heart-warming story with lots of wit and oddball characters, definitely add this to your summer reading list.




I’ve been a fan of Paramore since freshman year of high school (that makes it 7 years). They were the first “rock” band I started listening to so their music has a lot of sentimental value for me (aww bring on the sap). But since the Farro brothers left the band in 2010, I was really hesitant to listen to Paramore’s new music. Their recent self titled album was released in April 2013 and it took me about 2 months to finally listen to it. Even though I miss their old sound, I have to say that their new album is pretty good (dare I admit it). Okay enough with the blabbing…here are my favorites


Epic. That is all.

2)Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore

They have three interludes on the album and they’re probably my favorite part.

3)(One of Those) Crazy Girls

A fun and relatable song.


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque


I have a bit of a love affair with facial masks. This one was recommended to me by a lovely sales associate at Ulta. I’ve tired a handful of masks and this one is most probably my favorite. It’s cooling, refreshing, and you see a difference in your skin right away! It does a great job of clearing out my pores.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


All the hype about this brush is true. It does a beautiful job of applying foundation and blending concealer. I really really recommend this brush to everyone.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo


When it comes to shampoos, I really couldn’t care less about what I use. But every time I went to Ulta, this shampoo caught my eye …mostly because it smells like perfection. I finally gave in and got the sample size for my recent trip to New York (seemed like a good excuse).  I love it so much that I’m gonna go back and get the full sized bottle. It’s sulfate free and I can really see the difference in my hair. I want to try their conditioner as well.


4th Street Flat


The concept of their channel is simple. They’re a fellow Los Angelenos couple living their stylish lives in their stylish loft. If you read our April favorites, Audrey mentioned another couple named Annalee  and Jesse who do daily vlogs. Well Brain and Lexie are their next door neighbors. They started their channel only a couple months ago. Their style is amazing and I can’t wait for their future posts.


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