Alphabet Faves: A

Alphabet Faves

We’re starting a new series featuring the letters of the alphabet and our favorite things. We’ll have 26  categories including everything from beauty to entertainment. Hopefully this will give you guys a little more info about us and it’ll give us a chance to share some recommendations with you.


I’ve recently discovered that I have an utter obsession with sunglasses. I love to buy cheapy $5 pairs in every style and switch them out frequently. This works out well since I have a tendency to ultimately destroy my sunglasses. I’m currently loving cat-eye frames (which can make any outfit look a bit more glamorous and vintage) and oversized sunnies (which are perfect for those can’t-be-arsed, no makeup days). Sunglasses just pull together any outfit and make it look like you tried even when you didn’t.


final AAs I’ve expressed in our blog before, I’m pretty much obsessed with the bowler hat. Since I have a pixie haircut, on those unfortunate bad hair days the only solution is a hat. I love wearing my bowler hat because it takes my outfit to a whole new level. It goes with almost any look plus it allows you to express a bit of your secret inner hipster (now who doesn’t love that :p).


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