Alphabet Faves: B

Alphabet Faves


photo-11It was tough to pick just one band as my favorite. I had several close seconds, but I went with Pierce the Veil because they’re the one group that I can listen to and love every single song. They release the story behind each song on their album which is awesome because it lets you know what these guys are all about. A couple of my all-time faves are “I Don’t Care if You’re Contagious” and “Besitos”.


BThere are a lot of bands I absolutely love but for me, nothing compares to these four English gentlemen on the road.  I can go on and on talking about them, their music, lyrics, personalities, and talent. But if I had to put it simply…Mumford & Sons’ music is honest. Every single song is brilliantly composed and their lyrics are poetry. I had the privilege of seeing them in concert and it was a night I will never forget. See, told you I can go on a rant about these guys haha.


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