Alphabet Faves: C

Alphabet Faves

Novel Cafe

Of all the coffee shops that we have frequented (and logged in our Caffeine Chronicles) Novel Cafe is by far my favorite. Located in the Arts District of downtown LA, this quaint cafe has the greatest ambiance. From the exposed brick walls covered with art by local artists to the friendly workers, the entire place is just so inviting. I love going to Novel and then strolling in the surrounding area. When I’m down in San Diego I often find myself longing for LA and specifically Novel Cafe. I’m soakin it up while I can for the summer. You can read a full review/experience post about Novel here.



The Intelligentsia in Old Town Pasadena is my choice for favorite coffee shop not only because of their excellent brews and one of a kind environment, but also because it’s one I keep revisiting. It’s more than just a cozy interior with brick walls and string lights, it’s where my friends and I have spent many late Friday and Saturday nights conversing over a cup of their famous lattes. I always look forward to my next trip to Intelligentsia.


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