Alphabet Faves: D

Alphabet Faves


Chandeliers can class up any room. Any time you enter a house with an awesome chandelier you have to stop for a second to admire it. Whether it’s a draw-dropping beaut like the one in The Phantom of the Opera (nerd alert) or just an informal fixture, I can appreciate all chandeliers. Recently I’ve become obsessed with having chandeliers in pretty casual rooms. It adds an air of sophistication to the room without being too out of place. I could go on forever but to sum it up: I want one.



I’ve always said that when I get my own apartment the first thing I will get (prob before a bed or a couch) is a record player, preferably vintage. Not only is it a beautiful piece of decor but it serves a special purpose. I always imagine cleaning or cooking in my apartment with a record of Billie Holiday playing. How cozy does that sound? My goal is not only to find the coolest record player but to also have an incredible and extensive record collection.


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