Alphabet Faves: G

Alphabet Faves


Well this is why they’re called guilty pleasures. So not fun to admit to haha. But yes, from time to time I’m really in the mood to watch crappy television. This stuff’s clearly scripted and just awful, but I can’t stop myself. The drama is hilarious and I honestly enjoy the mindlessness of it. I particularly love The Hills and occasionally I indulge in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians *cringe*. Don’t hate me


GI’m a total night owl and I usually go to bed around midnight. One bad thing about staying up late is getting the late night munchies. And of course what I crave is everything that is crap for my body. I rarely have late-night snacks or eat junk food but once in a while I feed my guilty pleasure with salty and sweet junk food goodness. My favorite guilty snack? Crunchy Cheetos! I’m obsessed.


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