Alphabet Faves: H

Alphabet Faves


HThis hairstyle is a total classic. From one of its earliest manifestations in the iconic Veronica Lake soft curls to another variation in the Farrah Fawcett, this relaxed hairstyle seems to have always been around in some form or another. I especially love today’s refined loose curl look, with lots of layers. I think it’s totally sexy and bombshell without being too over the top. It’s definitely my go-to, everyday hairstyle (at least I try…). It isn’t too high maintenance but it still achieves a look that says you tried. Sometimes after I’ve styled my hair this way, I’ll roll out of bed the next morning and hardly do anything to my hair; a few touch ups and I’m out the door. This look is polished but still easy and relaxed-looking. You can’t go wrong with big, loose curls.



In my option, hair is a simple way for someone to express him/herself. It gives us a chance to experiment and change up our look. I love dip dyed ends, grey-blue hair, red-heads, long beachy curls, braids, and even a full head of purple hair. But for me, there is one style that tops the rest and it’s the pixie cut. I’ve always admired girls who were brave enough to cut off all their hair. I would yearn over old photos of Twiggy and her famous pixie cut.  After much deliberation (about a year’s worth) I finally built up the courage to get a pixie cut and I’m so glad I did.  I love all types of pixie cuts from the classic clean to the more edgy & messy cut. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. If you are blessed enough to have a full head of hair, then take advantage of it and try the styles and cuts you’ve always admired. And if you don’t like it…it’s hair, it’ll grow back :)


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