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Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode

On a recent trip to Amoeba Records I had no idea what I wanted to buy. So, I decided to randomly pick an album and give it a try. Depeche Mode caught my eye because a) they have crazy sick album art and b) I’d always heard their name but never listened to their music. So I got Music for the Masses and I loved their sound. It’s straight up 80s alternative/dance music, which I know isn’t really everyone’s thing, but if you’re into that definitely give this a listen (P.S. I know they’ve been around forever and I’m not making any huge discoveries here, but for our generation this is re-discovered gold ;] ). Another album that I absolutely loved from them was Sounds of the Universe (which is one of their newer albums).

Definitely give “I Want You Now” and “Wrong” a listen. They’re among my top faves

New Politics


Many of you may have heard the song “Harlem” on the radio recently. I was instantly hooked so I looked into some of New Politics’ other work. They have two vastly different albums, both of which are great. Their earlier work, New Politics, is more rock while A Bad Girl in Harlem has more of an indie feel to it, in my opinion. I’m crazy about both these genres so it’s awesome to find a band who has dabbled a bit in both but still keeps their unique sound.

Some of my faves are: Harlem, My Love, Yeah Yeah Yeah, & Die Together

Royals – Lorde

My fear is that this song will be played out very soon (thanks to radio stations that play great songs incessantly until you hate them). So, I plan to enjoy it while I can. This song took a little while to grow on me but now I’m obsessed. Definitely one of my summer anthems!


e.l.f. Studio Baked Eyeshadow in Enchanted

elf baked eyeshdaow enchanted

Read more about this product & buy it here

My new holy grail eyeshadow. Seriously. I imagine this to be a great dupe for the Maybelline Color tattoo in Bold Gold or the Milani baked eyeshadow in Copper Excess. It has so many different shades in it that it can very easily be used on its own, but it also works well as an all-over base for a smokey eye look. This eyeshadow is such a gorgeous gold color with hints of rose gold shimmer. Since it’s baked it can either be used dry for a nice subtle shimmery color (my personal everyday look) or wet for more pigment. The best part? It’s great quality and only $3 a pop. I look forward to checking out some of their other colors.



Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Butterscotch Caramels
These suckers are SO delish. Usually chocolate-covered caramels tend to be a little heavy for me, but these are a whole other ball game. The sea salt butterscotch is definitely lighter than regular caramels, and the slight saltiness goes swimmingly with the chocolate coating.


Monica Ramos

She does a lot of water color & illustration work and her subject matter is always really fascinating. I love when art gets me thinking while still being aesthetically pleasing. I would hang her work in my home because I’d enjoy looking at it and finding something new every time.

Griffith Park

I’ve lived approximately 10 minutes away from this place my entire life and only just started taking advantage of it this summer. This place is amazing! First off, it’s massive. It has countless hiking & jogging trails, horseback riding, open-air Shakespeare performances, a museum, a legendary observatory and more (raving much? haha). My sister calls it the Central Park of L.A which is pretty spot on. I’ve been going jogging there every week and Ella and I have been taking advantage of the great hiking trails (and SPECTACULAR view) every Wednesday morning. It’s a beautiful place to start your day and stay fit.



1) Local Natives

local natives

I randomly came across these guys while browsing my Pinterest page and I’m so glad I did. They’re from Silverlake, CA (a.k.a Hipsterville U.S.A) and were formed in 2008. Their music is classified as Indie Rock and I’ve been diggin’ their sound. They currently have two albums out and I’ve been enjoying their debut album, Gorilla Manor, this month. Here are a couple of my fave tracks.


Shape Shifter

Sun Hands

2) Selena Gomez


So yeah listening to Selena Gomez is another guilty pleasure of mine. I recently listened to her new album, Stars Dance, and there are a couple songs I really like. It’s just fun music to listen & dance to.


Slow It Down


E.L.F Lip Stain in Crimson Crush & Berry Blush


I’ve been trying to be more adventurous with my lip color. I usually wear really neutral/natural shades on my lips but the E.L.F lips stains have been training me to be more comfortable with a bold lip. I love both Crimson Crush (left) and Berry Blush (right).  You know how much I adore E.L.F products. These lip stains are a mere $2 and they last a decent amount of time on my lips. I wanna get my hands on the other two shades as well.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express MascaraMaybelline_New_York_Mascara_Volum__039__Express_the_Mega_Plush_9_6ml_1368786033

Another Maybelline mascara? Wow what a shocker haha! In our April Faves, both Audrey and I mentioned our love for the their mascaras. I’ve tried Falsies and the Rocket and so far Mega Plush is my favorite. It’s Maybelline’s first gel-mousse formula which leaves zero flaking. The reason why I love it so much (other than the lack of flakes) is because it creates volume, lengthens, and your lashes still look natural. It just doesn’t clump up! Plus I love the soft bristles on the brush and it’s “flexor” wand which allows you to get each lash.

Sephora Nano Eyeliner in Pearl Beige 


I love using this liner in the inner corners of my eyes. It’s a beautiful color and a perfect highlighter. I’ve used this liner in my makeup routine almost every day this past month.



Hands down the best granola I’ve tried. They’re yummy crunchy clusters sweetened with a touch of honey and cinnamon. Plus it’s good for you so that’s always nice. My favorite way to eat it is with some greek yogurt.


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