Alphabet Faves: K

Alphabet Faves


Oh my goodness. This kiss. These two. I can’t. Nick & Jess, off the show ‘New Girl’, are definitely my OTP (One True Pairing). I know they’re fictional characters, but these two are perfect together. Throughout the show they claim to be strictly friends but there’s an obvious chemistry there. For two seasons the writers tortured us with chemistry and shared “moments” between these two but nothing ever came of it. Then one glorious episode it finally happened; they kissed! And not just any kiss. Oh no. The most passionate, spine-tingling kiss I’ve probably ever witnessed. All of the pent up passion these two just exploded in those few seconds. So magical. I was internally screaming throughout that entire scene (and the 15 times that I re-watched it).


KMy favorite kiss has to come from my all-time favorite movie, (500) Days of Summer. The copy room kissing scene is one of the best scenes in the movie. It perfectly captures the tension and desire of the first kiss. Summer (Zooey Deschanel) and Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) run into each other in the copy room and stand there in painfully awkward silence. Then Summer slowly walks towards Tom and makes the first move which totally catches him off guard (super hot). They share a passionate and handsy kiss that leaves them both speechless.  Summer then causally grabs her copies, gives Tom a quick glance, and leaves the room. The expression on Tom’s face is priceless! You can so hear him think “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?”. Like Audrey, I have watched this scene many times (more than I’m proud of). Oh and I forgot to mention that I’m in  love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I have a total girl crush on Zooey Deschanel which makes this scene 100X more amazing. They need to be together in real life! haha


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