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Audrey has long been a hero of mine. She is, of course, known for her iconic beauty and grace. I admire her elegance as well as her classic style. Plus her films are my absolute favorites; nothing compares to Sabrina or How to Steal a Million or the likes. She is often remembered as being a graceful beauty and while that isn’t untrue, there is so much more to this awesome lady. In high school I did a research paper on Audrey Hepburn and found out a lot about her. She lived a fantastic life and though she had her fair share of hardships, they really made her a better person. Audrey was an ambassador for UNICEF, an organization which I myself am involved with. As a child during World War II she experienced the impact that UNICEF can have, so she wanted to reach out and help other children. She had a beautiful soul and cared so deeply for others. She was so wise yet so goofy and real. She gave so much to others and all with that beautiful smile on her face, and for that I choose Miss Hepburn as my favorite legend.


LThe beautiful and kind-hearted Audrey Hepburn is my choice for legend as well (just as she is for so many others). The first Hepburn movie I watched was Sabrina and it was Audrey who introduced me to that movie. I was so spellbound that I spent that whole summer watching every single one for her movies I could get my hands on.  After each movie I became more and more mesmerized by her grace and beauty both inside and out. Hepburn was not only a Hollywood Movie Star and Fashion Icon, but she was a thoughtful woman and a kind soul.  She was very humble and never thought of herself as an “icon”. You can tell she loved life and thought of each day as a blessing.  She left her mark on this world not only though her movies, but how she seemed to always put others before herself.  Audrey Hepburn is my legend because I admire who she was, what she accomplished, and how she carried herself.


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