Alphabet Faves: M

Alphabet Faves


MJensen’s been my longest-running celebrity crush. I was smitten the moment I first saw him in Supernatural way back when. If ever a man were to be described as ‘beautiful’, it’d be Jensen Ackles. His stunning good looks and charm, plus his awesome character on Supernatural, make him a winner in my book. I mean c’mon, look at him.


MAfter I saw (500) Days of Summer three years ago, Joseph Gordon-Levitt became the only man for me (haha I’m only half-kidding). I love his style and the fact that he calls himself “regular joe”. Though he’s such a well known actor, you can tell he’s still very down to earth. He’s also a musician with an amazing voice and speaks fluent French (can you not be so perfect). Mr.Gordon-Levitt is just one handsome fella with a killer smile.


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