Alphabet Faves: O

Alphabet Faves



Now that summer is pretty much over, I’m stoked for the fall. One of the greatest parts of the season is of course the fashion. I absolutely love fall fashion, specifically large, cozy cardigans with a great pair of boots. It’s a totally comfortable, effortless outfit that almost always looks great.


OI’m all about simplicity so I love the simple jeans and t-shirt look. There are so many ways to style this look and it’s a total blank canvas, that’s why I love it so much. The marriage of dark skinnies, a white T, and some nude boots is an outfit I always feel confident in. With this combo, the accessorizing options are endless! You can throw on a hat, some layered necklaces, rings, bracelets, a bold lip…just can’t go wrong. I also love wearing band T-shirts or a cool graphic T and layering it with a cardigan. The selection is limitless and that’s why jeans, t-shirt, and some killer boots is my favorite outfit.


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