October 2013 Favorites

Monthly Favorites


NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

NYX The Natural Shadow Palette

I am in love with this palette. It’s an amazing everyday palette because (like the name implies) it’s great for totally natural-looking eye makeup. But it can also be incorporated into vampy-er looks since it has both matte and shimmery shades. Plus with NYX prices, it really can’t be beat.

Dark Horse – Katy Perry

This isn’t my usual type of music, but I cannot stop listening to it. And I even got Ella on board with this one as we had quite the jam sesh to this when she came to visit me recently ;)

FU – Miley Cyrus

I actually enjoyed her entire new album Bangerz (except for #GetItRight). This song in particular has a pointed wit to it which I love. I like listening to this album when I’m doing my hair/makeup. It’s fun, mindless pump up music (although the slower songs are actually very heartfelt).

Pain – Three Days Grace

This song is so cathartic. If you’re having one of those days where you’re pissed at the world or just hurting, give this song a listen. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Hapa Time

Hapa Time

Click the pic to visit her site!

This blog consists entirely of OOTDs, which is awesome for fashion inspiration. She’s gorgeous and there’s hardly ever an outfit that I don’t just absolutely love.



Carla Bruni

carla bruniIn order to improve my French listening skills, I’ve started listening to some French music. I thought I would check out Carla Bruni because I was familiar with her from the (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack. The Quelqu’un m’a dit album is really lovely. It’s just an easy listen. These are my favorites…

1) Quelqu’un m’a dit

2) Et Toi Du Moi

Cage the Elephant: Come A Little Closer

I’ve been OBSESSED with this song! Constant reply of this month. I’ve never been that into Cage the Elephant but their new album is brilliant.


Wet n’ Wild Idol Eyes in 130 Pixie


What made me pick up this eyeshadow pencil is the beautiful Champaigne color. It’s so gorgeous on the lids and also perfect for a highlight. The only complaint I have is that it tends to crease a bit on the lids so I prime it first with a matte nude shadow then put the creme shadow in top. It’s easy and effortless. Love it.

E.L.F All Over Stick: Lilac Petal

elf stick

I think it’s now become tradition for me to include at least one E.L.F product in these monthly faves. Well this is another rediscovery. This all over stick can be used on the eyes, lids, and cheeks but I only use it on the cheeks. It’s more of a creme blush and not a cheek stain. I don’t really use blush but this product has kinda become a gateway blush for me. It’s very subtle but makes a huge difference.

E.L.F Large Stipple Brush


I use this blush for blending purposes. I use it to blend blush/cheek stains and it does a beautiful job. The E.L.F pro brushes never seem to disappoint.




She is such a lovely British beauty guru. Her channel is all about everything beauty related. I really enjoy watching her videos.

Lily Pebbles


Another lovely British beauty guru. Love her style and videos. Lily and Vivianna are friends so they tend to appear in eachother’s videos quite a bit.


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