Alphabet Faves: U

Alphabet Faves


UNow don’t get me wrong, I think a woman’s décolletage can be one of her most beautiful features. But lately I feel like all we see are plunging necklines. Sometimes, I think a bit of a higher neckline can make your look more chic and classic. Mix it up by letting your collarbones do all the talking ;)


UBefore I begin my exposé, I’d like to mention that I totally second Audrey’s choice! Anywho…I’ve always thought that more people should wear hats. The right hat gives an edge to any outfit. I think people should branch out from the  lazy beanie and wear styles like the wide brim hat, which is my personal favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love beanies but they’re a bit mundane compared to other bold styles. As weird as it sounds, hats change your persona. So go on, rock a stylish hat the next time you put an outfit together.


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