Alphabet Faves: X

Alphabet Faves


XOk so maybe I don’t necessarily want to see this trend make a comeback, but I remember that as a kid I used to LOVE my jelly shoes! The bright colors and glittery plastic material made them so much fun to wear. Jelly shoes definitely scream 90s to me, and who doesn’t (secretly) want to go back to the 90s?


XA lot of fashion tends recently have been about extenuating the derrière or bosom (that’s as graceful as I can put it). You may call me old-fashioned and I don’t care because it’s true, but what happened to dressing like a classy modest women? Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not say you have to wear turtle necks and ankle length skirts. One can easily be stylish/modern and modest at the same time. As the lovely Emma Watson stated “The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” I personally think you give yourself more worth when dressing modestly.


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