March 2014 Favorites

Monthly Favorites



Louder album

LouderI absolutely love Lea Michele. I think she’s insanely talented and I was excited to hear that she was venturing outside of Glee to release an album. Even though I don’t normally listen to the type of music on this album, her voice is so incredible and the lyrics are so powerful that I couldn’t help but fall in love. It’s total diva music and I’ve been loving getting ready to this album this past month. Some of my faves are Cannonball, Burn With You, Battlefield and If You Say So (her heartbreaking song about Cory Monteith’s passing). The entire album has been stuck in my head for weeks (and I’m okay with that).

The Killers

The Killers

I mentioned back in our June favorites that I wanted to start listening to The Killers again. Finally got around to that. I totally rediscovered my love for their 80s sound with an alternative/indie twist. I couldn’t stop listening to Just Another Girl, The Way it Was, Human, Mr. Brightside, and These Things I’ve Done.

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy

OMG this song gets me pumped up. It’s an extremely fun song to dance, drive, workout or just generally jam out to.

TV Show:

Bates Motel

Bates MotelI started watching Bates Motel last season per Ella’s recommendation. In the off season I realized how much I missed the mysterious, weird feel of the show. It just came back and I’ve been so hooked. It’s a prequel to Hitchcock’s psycho, but it manages to provide a fresh storyline each week. I really like how it provides an eery look at Norman’s messed up psyche and his unhealthy relationship with his mother as a teenager.


 Breakfast foods

BreakfastFor some reason I’ve been going to a lot of brunches/breakfasts lately. This has lead to an unhealthy obsession with breakfast foods (literally). I’ve always been head-over-heels for doughnuts, but the love has now expanded to pancakes, waffles, and eggs as well. My Tumblr had way too many breakfast pic posts this month…I’m not sorry. I had a particularly amazing Bananas & Cream Belgian Waffles concoction and Eggs Benedict this month that I could not stop thinking about. But yeah it’s all just been very, very good. Ugh I just want breakfast food all day every day.

Vintage photo finds

Vintage photosWhile shopping for knickknacks for my apartment, I was super excited to come across these awesome vintage photos! I really couldn’t decide which one I loved more so natch I got both. The picture of the couple just absolutely melts my heart, and I love that “God only knows who!” is scrawled on the back. And the two girls are slightly creepy (is anyone else reminded of the twins from The Shining?) but I also think they’re the cutest sisters/friends ever. I’m so in love with these vintage photo finds. I feel like they tell such an interesting story and bring character to my bookshelf :P



Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter

Mind Over MAtter

This record is basically alllll I listened to in March. It got me through my long commutes to school so we’ve become very well acquainted. I enjoy listening to every track but here is a list of my favorites.

1. It’s About Time


3. Eros

4. Mind Over Matter

5. Firelight



essieI started watching Estée’s (essiebutton) videos this past month and I’ve been loving her vlog channel! Estée, Aslan (her boyfriend), and Reggie (their greyhound) live in a beautifully mod/antique-decorated apartment in England and vlog on a weekly basis. Sometimes they take you along on weekend adventures but sometimes it’s just them moseying around at home. Either way, I really enjoying watching their vlog.


the third pew

I randomly came across Nathan’s channel and I’m so glad I did! I think he is super witty and hilarious. I love his sense of humor and I find myself actually LOLing whilst watching his videos. In most of his videos, he is just sitting at his desk talking to the viewer and sharing his thoughts/opinions (pleasantly wise for a 17 year old). Anywho, I highly recommend his videos!


Real Techniques Shading Brush


I was in need of a new eyeshadow brush so I picked up this one from ULTA. I own a couple other Real Techniques brushes and as always, I was not disappointed. It’s just a great value for its price. The bristles are super soft, it applies eyeshadow smoothly (whether it’s shimmer or matte), and its purple handle is super cute.

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer


This concealer is AMAZING! It’s designed to cover up tattoos so you can imagine its amazing coverage powers. Not only does it have great coverage, but it holds in place for hours and hours. The only downside is that there is a lack of a wide color range. This is the first Kat Von D product I’ve tired and the great quality has persuaded me to check out some of the other products in this line.



bandsintown-e1360095184164I love concerts! Audrey and I have diagnosed ourselves as concert addicts (we’re convinced it’s a real thing). This app is great to keep you up to date with all of your favorite bands and artists. You can just type in all of your favorite bands and the location you live in and it automatically notifies you when there is an upcoming show in your area. There is also a general list of all the local upcoming shows with links to purchase tickets. I really recommend this if you are a fellow concert junkie.


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