Men’s Style

Current Obsession/Holy Grail


Men's StyleCasual – Simple as it sounds, I love a guy in a t-shirt and well worn jeans. It’s incredible how appealing guys can look in a simple black t-shirt. Ray Bans, a leather jacket, and/or a beanie are just icing on the cake. Really, really attractive icing….

Formal – Whoever said “a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men” hit the nail right on the head. A man in a suit is simply irresistible, and bonus cute points for a skinny floral tie.


Style is the first thing I notice in a guy. The way a man dresses and carries himself heavily influences his whole demeanor. For me, a good sense of style is one of the sexiest qualities in a man. Men's StyleCasual – A guy doesn’t have to be all dressed up to look good. Even dark washed jeans paired with a cool t-shirt or simple button up can be super attractive. The look I picked is a perfect example. This gentleman is dressed casually yet still put together. I love the layering with the cardigan, pea coat, and the satchel over his shoulder. I’m also a sucker for a man who can rock a stylish pair of specs.

Formal – A nicely tailored suit always makes a man look like a million bucks. However, that isn’t the only option for formal attire. I actually prefer when a guy mixes and matches materials and neutral tones (like the pictures demonstrates). The marble brown blazer works perfectly with the light blue button up and black slacks. Also, adding on a tie or bow-tie is always a good idea. Finally for shoes, brown oxfords or desert shoes are my favorite. Uh I just love men’s fashion…


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