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Current Obsession/Holy Grail

As 90s kids, witnessing all these trends make a comeback is totally nostalgic for us.


90s Post

1. Bright, Funky Patterns

This trend carried over from the 80s and could be found on many a 90s sitcom (think Fresh Prince and Kelly Kapowski in SBTB). I love the boldness of these abstract prints. I wouldn’t necessarily wear some of the crazy parkas or hammer pants that folks used to wear, but I love the look of incorporating one flashy piece into an otherwise neutral outfit.

2. Jacket Around the Waist

This is a trend that I used to wear all the time, and it’s been great seeing it around lately. This trick cinches your waist in a cute way and adds a little something extra to your look.

3. Grunge

I love 90s grunge because it’s a completely unkempt look that still manages to look great. I love watching shows like Melrose Place and seeing how they layered tons of denim, plaid and even sweats to achieve a totally chilled out look. It’s borderline tacky (okay so it crosses the border into totally tacky), but I think taking elements of that style and cleaning it up today produces a really edgy look.

4. Backwards Baseball Cap

I adore the look of a backwards cap on women. Incorporating this tomboy classic is a nice nod to childhood, plus I’m a big fan of mixing girly and tough.

5. Chunky White Sandals

I wore these all the time as a kid and seeing them around again makes me incredibly happy. These shoes remind me of summer and the elementary school playground. I would definitely incorporate these into my wardrobe today with a cute floral print dress or a pair of cut-offs.

Ella90s Fashion Rewind

 1. High Waisted Bottoms

The 90s were all about high waisted jeans, skirts, and shorts paired with crop and halter tops. As a kid, I remember wearing colorful high waisted shorts with a white tie front shirt. I’m a huge fan of the high waisted trend so I’m glad it’s made a comeback. A majority of the bottoms in my closet are in the high waisted cut.

2. Floral Dresses

It’s a bit odd for me that the 90s floral dresses are now considered vintage. This wasn’t a trend I wore as a kid but I remember seeing all the older cool girls rock these maxi dresses. I’m glad this trend has returned because floral dresses are one of my favorite things to wear.

3. Flannel

The 90s were drowning in flannel. There were flannel dresses, skirts, trousers, scarfs, and of course the classic button up. The classic 90s grunge look was pairing a band T with a flannel button-up, denim shorts, and converse. Does this sound familiar? The 90s grunge look is now the cool/casual hipster look.

4. Denim

If there was one style that defined the 90s, it’s the attack of the denim. I’m guilty of wearing denim overalls, denim pencil skirts, and denim dresses. Once dubbed the working man’s textile, denim has transformed into a fashion staple. This past year, we witnessed the return of the denim overalls. To be honest, I didn’t jump on the band wagon with this trend but I love almost anything else denim. It’s just such an easy material to work with and style. I hope denim continues to remain an essential piece in one’s closet.

5. Oversized Sweaters

I admire everything about the oversized sweater look. It’s cozy, comfortable, and so easy to just throw on. I had the coolest sweaters as a kid. My favorite was my red mini-mouse sweater; I wore it several times a week. I still love wearing oversized sweaters and cardigans but in more toned down neutral tones.


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