December 2014 Faves

Monthly Favorites



 Neutrogena Deep Moisture Night Cream

Night CreamI have been wanting a night cream for a while now because sometimes after washing my face at night, my face feels a little stripped of moisture, especially in the winter. I have a daily moisturizer that I use, but that one has SPF in it and my experience has been that if I use too much I have a shiny face and/or i break out. So I wanted something I could use generously and deep moisturize my face while I sleep. Enter the aptly named Neutrogena deep moisture night cream. This one is light enough that it doesn’t clog my pores or cause break outs. The formula spreads like a dream so a little bit will go a long way, plus it smells great.

Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay

Naked Basics PaletteThis is definitely not news to any of us, but I thought I’d add my opinion to the pot now that I finally own this palette. I received this as a Christmas present and I couldn’t be more excited because I’ve wanted an all-matte palette for the longest time. I had my NYX Natural one, but I wanted a splurge item because I use matte looks just about every single day. I love the simple, natural looks I can create with this and the vampier ones too. This is quickly becoming my save-one-makeup-item-in-a-fire item. The great color payoff and quality of the shadows goes without saying, Urban Decay has great palettes.


  I’ve Told You Now – Sam Smith

When I discover a song that just resonates with my soul, I listen to it a good 2-3 times a day for a couple weeks. This song has set an all-time record for me. Over a month has passed since I first heard it and I’m still in crazy over-listening mode. This whole album is really heart wrenching and fantastic, but this song especially is just so soulful. Cannot stop listening to it.


 The Spectacular Now & White Bird in a Blizzard


I’ve come to really like and appreciate Shailene Woodley’s indie movies. The Spectacular Now is one of the most real young love stories I’ve seen in a movie. Young love is messy and awkward and all-consuming, and Woodley and costar Miles Teller do a phenomenal job depicting that. Watching these two fall in love onscreen didn’t feel like a movie at all, making it completely relatable.

White Bird in a Blizzard is a much darker movie. It’s the story of a girl whose mother disappears one day and how she copes with it all. It’s a raw story of young adults figuring their ish out, and again I loved Shailene Woodley’s realistic depiction of those struggles. Both of these movies are really well done and captivating, albeit for different reasons.


 B&BW French Lavender Candle


Lavender has been my scent of the month, so this candle is perfect. If you like lavender you’ll love this. It’s the perfect bubble bath candle, but I plan to burn it just about constantly.

Downy Unstopables Lush In Wash Scent Booster


I’m officially an old lady who gets excited about laundry products. I’ve been wanting to try these because I love when my clothes smell nice and I want that to last for as long as possible. Sticking to the lavender theme, I got the scent Lush which is AMAZING. You add some of these little pellets to your laundry and the smell is really strong on your clothes, which I personally really like. This product was made for me.



The Body Shop White Musk Smooth Satin Body Lotion

white muskEver time I’ve needed to apply lotion this past month, I’ve automatically reached for the White Musk lotion from The Body Shop. I’m a huge fan of clean and crisp smelling fragrances so this scent is right up my alley. Along with musk, it has notes of rose and iris. Apparently the scent of musk is suppose to be quite sensual. Well, I don’t know about that…all I know it that I really enjoy using this lotion.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Hd foundation

Okay, not to be over dramatic or anything, but this foundation is easily the best I’ve ever tired. The formula is amazing! It’s long lasting, has medium/high coverage, and is super lightweight. A little bit goes a long way with this foundation, I usually only need one pump (and the built-in pump is super convenient). Yes, it’s a bit pricey but if foundation is an important part of your makeup routine, it’s well worth investing in a bottle.




I have no clue where to begin because there’s so much to say about my love and admiration for Stromae (Paul Van Haver) and his music. He is a Belgian singer-songwriter who is quite famous in Europe, but isn’t too well known in the States (possibly because he only sings in French). His music is described as a mix of hip-hop and electronic dance but I disagree because I think his sound is far more varied and intricate. I really appreciate the fact that he writes all his lyrics and composes all his tracks. Though some of his songs sound like “club music”, his lyrics go far beyond that. Stromae sings about real and relatable human issues, not garbage like popping your booty or getting wasted. I view Stromae as a poet because his lyrics are as impactful as his beats. Both of his records are incredible. Here are a few of my favorites…

1. Tous les mêmes

2. Ave Cesaria

3. Te quiero

4. Formidable


Manhattan Murder Mystery


For the past couple months, I’ve been trying to go through Woody Allen’s long list of movies. Manhattan Murder Mystery wasn’t one I was initially excited to watch but it turned out to be one of my favorites. Larry and Carol Lipton (played by Woody Allen and Diane Keaton) become suspicious about the sudden death of their next door neighbor and takes matters into their own hands in trying to uncover what really happened. The film is thrilling, witty, funny, and super amusing. I love watching the natural chemistry between Allen and Keaton.


Wide Brim Hat

wide brimm hat

This past month, I’ve found any excuse to wear my black Ecoté wide brim hat from UO. Indoors, outdoors, rain, shine, it don’t matter! think its the perfect fall/winter accessory.


July 2014 Faves

Monthly Favorites



  L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

L'oreal Mascara

I prefer bristle mascara wands to the plastic wands that seem to be so prevalent on the market these days. Since the bristles are longer, they do a much better job of separating and lengthening my lashes. Paired with the volumizing formula, this mascara makes for long full lashes that could pass as falsies, which I am all about.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Wash

Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Wash

I don’t have super troubled skin, but lately I’ve felt that my makeup has been clogging my pores. This face wash leaves my skin feeling super clean but not weirdly tight. It smells nice and keeps breakouts at bay. Not my holy grail, but I would reach for this if I needed a good product that I could count on in a pinch.


 Hero – Family of the Year

Something about this song just speaks to my soul haha. The melody is lovely but I think what really gets to me are the lyrics. To me, it talks about the pressures of wanting to be the hero to your loved ones but also wanting to get out and live your own life. Whatever it may mean, this song has fast become one of my favorites.


 The Fall

The Fall

Within minutes of starting this movie I knew that I was in love with it. Everything about it from the sensational actors to the colors and imagery captivated me. Upon finishing the film, I immediately read all the trivia about it that I could find, and I can’t wait to watch it again. Do yourself a favor and watch this seriously underrated masterpiece.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings

My roommate loves & constantly quotes this show, so I knew I would eventually end up watching it too. I expected it to be mediocre but I actually find it to be one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while. The humor is similar to New Girl, but the dynamic between this quirky group of friends is unlike any other show I’ve seen. Every episode has me in stitches and it’s definitely a very quotable show. The only bummer is that it was cancelled after three seasons.

Melrose Place

Melrose Place

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of trashy reality TV (not sorry), but I was pretty much all caught up on the shows that I like. I was racking my brain for a new show to start when it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen one of the founding fathers of trashy TV: Melrose Place. Granted, this was a 1990s Aaron Spelling production so it couldn’t be too vulgar. Even so, for its time it packed a whole lot of drama. What can I say, love triangles and cringey storylines are my jam.




You know all those gorgeous home decor or style posts you see on your Tumblr dash? Chances are many of them have originated from this trendy lady right here. Her life is totally enviable and everything she puts out there is seriously gorge. Her Tumblr is christiescloset, and her Instagram is like a daily dose of her spectacular life.



 Foster the People – Supermodel 


I’ve been quite excited for Foster the People’s sophomore album. Torches (the debut album) is one of my favorites so I had high expectations for Supermodel and the boys didn’t disappoint. The new record achieves a balance of experimentation and consistency in regards to their sound. I really enjoyed rediscovering Foster the People through Supermodel. Here are my favorites…

1. Are You What You Want to Be?
2. Fire Escape
3. A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon
4. Goats in Trees


 Annie Hall (1977)

annie hall

Recently, I’ve really been enjoying Woody Allen’s films. After watching Midnight in Paris, I feel in love with his style of film making. Annie Hall is an unconventional and honest romantic comedy and is often rated as Allen’s best work. I love everything about this movie: the music, setting, story line, and characters. Allen also did a great job with the ending because it leaves you both contemplating and satisfied.


 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lacy Lilac (270)

lacy lilac

This has been the nail polish I’ve been reaching for all month. Not only is it a lovely shade of lilac but the quality is incredible! It stays put on my nails for over a week with very minimal chipping. I really recommend the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear line.

Bath & Body Works – French Lavender & Honey

french lavender

This is a fairly new scent in their line and it smell SO GOOD! Lavender is one of my favorite scents so I naturally gravitated to this the last time I was in Bath & Body. The website describes the scent as ” a romantic bouquet of French lavender, nectarine de Provence & sun-kissed honey “.

June 2014 Faves

Monthly Favorites



Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian

Many of you have probably heard his song Battle Scars. I was enamored with his voice and checked out some more of his music. Not all of it is exactly my cup of tea but his voice is so pure and powerful, it’s absolute perfection. My faves are Get Along (which I must have listened to 100+ times this month) and Armageddon. Also be sure to check out the acoustic version of Battle Scars. Damn.

Flaws – Bastille

Ok so this isn’t exactly a new song. But for those of you who are like me and are a little late to the party (or for those of you who may have forgotten about this tune), Flaws by Bastille is definitely worth listening to. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head! Also, the acoustic version


Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers

I am completely obsessed with this show. I had seen a lot of screenshots and whatnot on Tumblr, but I was a little hesitant to watch it because I’m not always the biggest fan of adult cartoons (Family Guy, The Simpsons, etc). But the humor on this show is totally different. It’s just really awkward (and therefore awesome) and the characters are SO loveable and quotable. I really can’t pick a favorite (…ok fine, it’s Louise. But they’re all great in their own right).



I absolutely love John Watson Martin Freeman so I was excited to hear about a relatively new show that he’s in. Hearing him do a Minnesota accent is reason enough to watch. But if you need more, it’s a really interesting storyline based on the 1996 film and can be categorized as a dark comedy-crime drama. The whole rooting-for-the-“villain” aspect of it reminds me a bit of Breaking Bad. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and I highly recommend it. Fingers crossed for a second season (but only if it doesn’t conflict with Series 4 of Sherlock….).


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel

The moment I saw the trailer for this I knew I had to see it. Wes Anderson is everything. The style of his films is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. If you like his other works you’re sure to love this one. And if you’ve never seen a Wes Anderson film this would be a great one to start with (followed by Moonrise Kingdom).

Anything Else

Anything ElseAnother director that I absolutely adore. Several of my all-time favorite movies are Woody Allen flicks. The trailer for this film really doesn’t do it justice. It appears to be just another run of the mill RomCom, but it actually bears Woody’s signature aesthetic, soundtrack, and NY setting. I love the relationship between Allen’s character and his protege.


Rachel Hauer


Rachel Hauer

Photo taken from her Instagram….which you should totally follow

Rachel Hauer is a NY-based tattoo artist and I adore every single piece she does. Her style is everything I want and love in a tattoo. Seeing her work pop up on my Instagram feed is always a nice treat and I often end up screenshotting them because they’re so stunning. Ella’s gotten more than a few texts from me about her amazing work. I also follow East River Tattoo which is the shop where she works. There are a lot of other super talented artists there, although I don’t think I love anyone else’s style quite as much as Rachel’s :)



The Black Keys, Turn Blue


This album has basically been the only thing I’ve been listing to this past month. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney…well done. Here are my favorites

1) Weight of Love

2) Turn Blue

3) Year In Review

4) Fever




Okay I have the biggest girl crush on Madelynn. I love her hair, sense of style, and quirky personality. Her videos are really well done and her positive attitude always puts me in a good mood. She does a wide range of videos (hauls, travel vlogs, styling outfits, etc.) and I enjoy watching all of them.


Almay Oil Free Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

almayIt took me a couple of uses before I became fond of this product. I’m not gonna rave that it’s the GREATEST eye makeup remover in the world, but it does a good job. I really like that it just feels like water and doesn’t have a thick oily constancy like some other eye makeup removers.

Psssst Dry Shampoo


I was hesitant about jumping on the dry shampoo band wagon. I bought a travel sized version to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised. Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those days where we’re too lazy to wash our hair. Just spray some on your roots, let it sit for about 2 minutes, and rub in the product. Not only does it take away the residual oil, but it gives your hair some volume.

May 2014 Favorites

Monthly Favorites




I’ve heard about her channel before and seen a couple vids, but this month I started actually doing her workouts and I loved them. They’re great for a quick workout or in addition to a run because they really target certain muscles and you definitely feel/see the payoff.

Before You Exit
before you exit
These three brothers are super talented. I discovered them through their spectacular All of Me cover. Their wonderful harmonies and powerful vocals make for amazing covers of songs. They have original music as well, but sometimes it’s a little too boy band-y for my taste. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that they are tremendously talented.

Peter Hollens
Peter Hollens

Yet another amazingly talented Youtube musician. Peter does jaw-dropping a cappella arrangements that are so much fun to watch. One of my faves is his recent Phantom of the Opera video. Check him out!

Tim H & Jack Howard

These guys have two separate channels but often work collaboratively as well. Yes, I’m rather late to this party. Oops. Again, I’d always heard about them and seen them in other people’s videos, but this month I really got into their videos. I love their sense of humor, the great quality of their videos, and they have pretty great acting chops to boot. Telekinetic Girlfriend  is one of my favorite sketches.


The Purple Rose of Cairo

The Purple Rose of CairoElla recently came to visit and after a great day out we just wanted to stay in, order some sushi and watch a good movie. And a good movie we chose. We opted for this Woody Allen flick and we both loved it! It takes place in the 1930s so naturally we loved it. The story line was so sweet and charming, and the concept is really interesting. I highly recommend this movie!



My French Prof introduced me to some awesome French music. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really recommend these four tracks…it’s great music even if you don’t understand what it’s saying haha. Hope you enjoy!

1) Laisse Tomber Les Filles – France Gall

This song is sooo 1960s, I love it!

2) Imbécile Heureux – Arnaud Fleurent Didier

Didier’s voice is like butter. This song starts out slow but picks up a minute in…it’s so good!

3) Les Cerfs Volants – Benjamin Biolay

This is a very unique song. I didn’t love it at first but it quickly grew on me. It’s just so cool haha.

4)Ne Me Quitte Pas – Jacques Brel

BEST FOR LAST. This song is so beautiful and emotional. I literally listen to it on repeat for a good 15-20 mins.


Will Darbyshire

Will DWilliam Darbyshire… I don’t think you can find a more English name. Will is pretty new to the YouTube game. If you’re a fan of JacksGap, you’ll enjoy Will’s videos. He’s posted 11 videos so far and I’ve enjoyed watching each one. I love the aesthetic and style of his content. You can’t help but feel like his friend while watching his videos.


Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout

revlonThis had been my go-to lip product for the month of May. I feel like this shade of red will suit so many skin tones. Best of all, the formula is matte yet feels so moisturizing on the lips. This has become one of my all time favorite red lip products. I can’t wait to try out more colors from this range.

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

color tattooI’ve basically been wearing this product every day as a base to my eyeshadow. The formula is great! It’s a cream eyeshadow in a pot and blends beautifully. It’s a brown neural color with a bit of shimmer.  Like I said, it’s wonderful as a base but the color is so nice that you can just wear it on its own. Plus it’s very long lasting!


The Pallbearer

the pallbeararI came across this movie while browsing Netflix. I wanted an easy watch and thought this looked pretty interesting. David Schwimmer plays the struggling Tom Thompson who gets involved in a bit of a misunderstanding when he volunteers to be a pallbearer for someone he doesn’t know. I have to be honest, the storyline isn’t THAT brilliant. I’m a fan of  Schwimmer and a sucker for all things 90s so I did really enjoy the movie. If you’re looking for an easy watch and feel like watching a unique romantic comedy then this is the movie for you.


April 2014 Faves

Monthly Favorites

So this month we both found ourselves with very few faves. In fact, we only had one favorite each, and they were both bands. So here’s a special ‘Bands Edition’ of our monthly favorites! Hope you enjoy our recs :)

Audrey: Brick + Mortar

I fell in love with this band’s sound and general energy. They remind me a bit of the Arctic Monkeys at times with a hint of Queen, but they still have a certain unique quality to them that I can’t get enough of. Here are a few of my favorite songs:

Ella: The 1975


The 1975 might be old news for some of you, but I had never even heard of them prior to this month. I came across the band whilst looking through my Pinterest followers. The first song I listened to was Chocolate and I was instantly hooked. I’m not going to lie, I went through an internal fan girl stage over Matt Healy for a couple of days. I’m not proud to admit it, but I have recovered from my obsession haha. At the end of the day, no matter how suave the lead singer is, what matters most is their music. I genuinely love their sound and really enjoy listening to their record. Here are my faves…

1) Chocolate

Also check out the acoustic version…it’s amazing!

2) Girls

3) Me

4) Fallingforyou

5) Settle Down