Ace Hotel : Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The Caffeine Chronicles

The Ace Hotel in Downtown LA had its grand opening this year in the United Artists Building. Both the interior and exterior of this historic building, open since 1927, is inspiring. The Ace has perfected its image with the hotel and all its amenities – one of which is the Stumptown coffee bar. I love the design of the crisp, clean black and white tiling with accents of gold. The entire lobby, restaurant, coffee bar, and check-in counter were integrated so beautifully.







Stumptown Roasters & L.A. Chapter Restaurant



Enjoyed our cold brew while seated in the upstairs lounge area.




Blacktop + Arts District Flea

The Caffeine Chronicles

We hit up two new(ish) spots in our favorite area of downtown LA – the Arts District. Blacktop, a compact espresso bar founded by the brains behind Handsome Coffee Roasters, opened up in April of this year. Arts District Flea is a unique indoor flea market that also debuted a couple months ago. After filling our veins with some caffeine, we ventured a couple blocks to explore the flea market.

arts district


The 240-square-foot café is minimally equipped with a coffee bar, pastries, a mixing station, and beans for sale. The idea is to grab your coffee to go or enjoy the outdoor seating. The Arts District is decorated with street art so we took advantage of the sidewalk space.

2 black top

7 flea

8 flea

1 black top

6 balcktop

3 blacktop

Arts District Flea

This up and coming flea market was such a treat to explore. The exposed brick warehouse space was filled with vendors that carry art, antiques, clothing, homeware, and random goodies. It truly is a community built for artisans. Here are a few snapshots…

flea 6

flea 7

flea 5

flea 4


flea 3

flea 1


OOTD: Abbot Kinney

OOTD Mondays, The Caffeine Chronicles

We spent the day in Venice, California and thought it would be cool to share it with y’all. The agenda included exploring the boutiques in Abbot Kinney, a caffeine break at Intelligentsia, and strolling along the Venice canals. Venice is a really cool city full of amazing street art and interesting people.
sign abbot kinney


Abbot Kinney is full of cozy boutiques with unique products. It’s fun to just explore and do a bit of window shopping.

Shop 1 (Firefly exterior)

Shop 1 (Firefly interior)

Store 2 (Antiques Boountiful exterior)

Store 2Antique interior 1

store 2 chair interior

store 3


We’ve already been to the Intelligentsia in Pasadena and Silver Lake, so the last location off the check list was Venice. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed sipping our lattes in the outdoor seating area.

Intelligentsia 1


intell interior

Intell coffee hotie

Let’s be real…other than the artisan coffee and environment, the baristas are one of the best parts of visiting Intelligentsia .

intell coffee 1

intell coffee 2

Street Art 

One of my favorite things about Venice is the incredible street art. Every corner you turn there is a mural that gives life to an otherwise boring wall. It’s an inspiring city that actively promotes the importance of art.

Street Art 1

street art 2

street art 3

Venice Canals

The beautiful Venice Canals are an ideal backdrop for an OOTD



Top: Cotton On
Jeans: Levi’s


Sandals: Forever 21



 Button Up: Forever 21
Jeans: Topshop Jamie Jeans
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarer
nareh shoes
Shoes: Ecote from Urban Outfitters

togther 1

together 2


The Caffeine Chronicles: Daily Dose Cafe

The Caffeine Chronicles

Before Audrey left for San Diego, we decided to visit Daily Dose in the Industrial District of Downtown L.A. The location, vines on the brick walls, string lights, and picnic benches made this spot a hidden coffee paradise.

DD sign

DD 2 walking up

DD 8 door

DD 5 inside

DD 6 inside

DD 7 outside

final cupI got the Buena Vista (Latte with Creme and Brown Sugar) and Audrey got a chai latte. The coffee was good and the environment was even better. We absolutely love the ambiance of this place and it’s one we will return to time and time again.

The Caffeine Chronicles: Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

The Caffeine Chronicles

It’s been months since we’ve done a Caffeine Chronicles post. Audrey and I decided it’s been far too long since we’ve visited a new coffee shop in L.A,  so we finally put it in our schedules and drove out to West Hollywood to Alfred Coffee & Kitchen.

alfred one

The exterior of Alfred’s. It’s located in a very snazzy neighborhood surrounded by many designer shops and antique stores.

alfred two

The upstairs of the shop. Though we went on a random Monday morning, the place was packed. I’m not surprised because the interior of the shop is cozy and so charming. I absolutely loved the design of the place.

alfred three

As you make your way down the steps, you find another lovely space. They have excellent brews and delicious baked goods such as sour cherry chocolate chip scones and blueberry thyme muffins. The workers are super nice and again the environment is wonderful.

alfred four

I got a classic blueberry scone and iced latte. Both were super yummy.

Alfred’s is known for their mustache logo found on their coffee sleeves and business cards. How hipster L.A. is that? Haha I love it. I know I can speak for both Audrey and myself when I say that Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is one of our favorite coffee shops that we’ve been to. After we had our breakfast we walked around the beautiful neighborhood and hit up a couple thrift shops. An afternoon well spent :)