September 2013 Favorites

Monthly Favorites



Moondust – Jaymes Young

I fell in love with this song and listened to it nonstop for the following weeks (as one does). The rest of the Dark Star EP is pretty good, too. I also liked the song One Last Time, but Moondust was just so chillingly beautiful. It really stood out to me.

Wrecking Ball (& mash-up)

Much to my surprise, I ended up absolutely loving Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball (I went into it with low expectations just because of the negative feedback I’d heard about the music vid. But we won’t get into that….) And just when I thought the song couldn’t get any better, I heard a mash-up of Wrecking Ball & Awolnation’s Sail (one of my all-time fave tunes). This guy does awesome mashups on his Youtube channel, he has a real talent for it.

Obviously I still enjoy both songs on their own, but I thought the mashup was fantastic & really interesting.


Makeup by Maya Ahmd

Makeup by Maya Ahmd

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This channel is a little different than the usual makeup guru because her videos are in Arabic. She does some great makeup looks and I think she’s gorgeous. Plus the language is so beautiful, who wouldn’t love to listen to her explain the process, even if they don’t understand :)

Game Grumps


I know it’s weird for me to keep including gaming channels in my faves, but these guys are too good to pass up. They have the best dynamic and are absolutely hysterical. Sometimes I don’t even watch the gaming vid, I just listen to them like I would a podcast. They talk current events, swap stories, and just generally crack themselves up. It’s awesome.


Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner

Maybelline Master Precise

I hadn’t found a liquid eyeliner that I loved in a while. This one definitely won me over. It has a very fine felt tip, so it’s really precise (like the name implies). I’ve gotten some of my best winged eyeliner looks using this.

e.l.f. Essential Glitter Nail Polish in ‘Fairy Dust’

Elf Fairy DustI expected this to be a run of the mill glitter top coat, but the glitter pieces are pretty big (although not too chunky). And depending on the lighting, they’re a fiery orange color or an aquatic blueish-green. It looks super pretty on dark colors.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Considering that this movie is almost a decade old, most of you have probably already seen it. I had always heard about it, but I finally watched it this past month. I loved it way more than I thought I would. It’s such an interesting concept and it’s beautifully produced. Basically, a couple undergoes a procedure to erase each other from their memories when things aren’t going so well, but then realize that perhaps they still love each other and want to hang on to those memories. It hurt my brain a little bit, but in the best possible way.

Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

I love just about anything Julie Delpy does, so I had high hopes for this movie. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. This movie is one of the most romantic movies I’ve ever seen, but it’s completely real and not sappy. It instantly became one of my top 10 favorite movies. There are two other movies that follow this one (Before Sunset and Before Midnight), but neither one was as good as the first in my opinion. I hated the second one, and the third was good in its own right but had a totally different tone than the first one. The cool thing is it’s the same actors across almost 20 years. But yeah, I absolutely adored Before Sunrise.



Submarine – EP by  Alex Turner


Alex Turner, the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys (who are one of my all time favorite bands), did a 5 track EP for the movie Submarine.  The brilliance of the soundtrack persuaded me to watch the movie. Here are my faves…

Stuck on the Puzzle

Hiding Tonight


E.L.F Maximum Coverage Concealer

elf concelorAnother concealer on my monthly faves, what a surprise! This was kind of a rediscovery for me. I bought it back in June, tried it once and didn’t really like it. Then I decided to give it one more try and I’ve been totally loving it. It’s only $3 dollars but it does an amazing job!

MAC Lipstick in Rebel


I was looking for a berry lipstick for a while and I totally fell in love with this one when I tired it on. It’s a satin lipstick with a semi-matte finish. It’s been my go-to lipstick of this month.


CtfxC: The Internet Killed TV


Charles and Allie Trippy have been uploading daily vlogs everyday for the past 5 years. They literally share their life on the internet. Everything from daily routines to their marriage proposals and wedding day. Charles, who is the base player for We the Kings, just went through brain surgery to remove a tumor and they shared the whole experience with their million subscribers. They are a beautiful couple and I love  watching their videos.

Arden Rose


She is a beauty guru with a spunky personality. I love her style and weird personality. I really like watching her videos.