Runway to Everyday

Inspired By

The looks that we see on the runway are often too outrageous or too pricey to be worn by the average person, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t serve as great inspiration. We’ve both observed certain outfits on the catwalk that dropped our jaws and got us thinking about how we could recreate them to fit our everyday lives (and budgets). We don’t necessarily want to create a piece by piece replica of the outfit but instead draw on the designer’s idea and infuse it with our own personal style.


Runway to Everyday - Audrey

This runway look is from the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014 show. The entire collection drew on Sicily’s history with ancient Greece, one of the designers calling it “a dream of Sicily”. The flowers and flowing fabric make for an ethereal look while the chunky Grecian belt provides a contrast to the softness of the ensemble. I found this great dress on ASOS that doesn’t mirror the Dolce & Gabbana frock exactly, but has a similar elegance to it. The pastel floral print and braided straps are reminiscent of the Grecian feel in the Dolce & Gabbana collection. I would throw on a large, metallic belt like this one from Love Melrose to roughen up the look a bit.


Runway to EverydayThe designs of Hermès’ Christophe Lemaire stood out to me the most from the Fall/Winter 2014 Paris Fashion Week runway looks. The entire collection is inspired by menswear with beautifully tailored and flowing silhouettes in an autumnal color palette. This runway look achieves a perfect juxtaposition of structure and draping and could easily be converted to an everyday look. Fitted trousers and white button ups are everywhere in stores nowadays. I’ve opted for a gorgeous pair of black trousers from Zara paired with black ankle boots, a loosely fitted white top from Urban Outfitters, and a marble grey duster coat from Topshop. I know the menswear trend is not for everyone but I love how masculine attire can be beautifully translated into feminine style.


Men’s Style

Current Obsession/Holy Grail


Men's StyleCasual – Simple as it sounds, I love a guy in a t-shirt and well worn jeans. It’s incredible how appealing guys can look in a simple black t-shirt. Ray Bans, a leather jacket, and/or a beanie are just icing on the cake. Really, really attractive icing….

Formal – Whoever said “a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men” hit the nail right on the head. A man in a suit is simply irresistible, and bonus cute points for a skinny floral tie.


Style is the first thing I notice in a guy. The way a man dresses and carries himself heavily influences his whole demeanor. For me, a good sense of style is one of the sexiest qualities in a man. Men's StyleCasual – A guy doesn’t have to be all dressed up to look good. Even dark washed jeans paired with a cool t-shirt or simple button up can be super attractive. The look I picked is a perfect example. This gentleman is dressed casually yet still put together. I love the layering with the cardigan, pea coat, and the satchel over his shoulder. I’m also a sucker for a man who can rock a stylish pair of specs.

Formal – A nicely tailored suit always makes a man look like a million bucks. However, that isn’t the only option for formal attire. I actually prefer when a guy mixes and matches materials and neutral tones (like the pictures demonstrates). The marble brown blazer works perfectly with the light blue button up and black slacks. Also, adding on a tie or bow-tie is always a good idea. Finally for shoes, brown oxfords or desert shoes are my favorite. Uh I just love men’s fashion…